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Melek Balgün qualifies with her academic career and her personal interests for a wide range of topics. Balgün used to be a professional gamer where she participated at the Electronic Sports World Cup in 2007. Esports has also been the starting point of her career as a presenter. She draws from a wide range of both knowledge and interest in her role as a presenter. 

Balgün began her career as a moderator at ESL, where she engaged both online and offline audiences for over four years. Besides hosting events, exhibitions and conferences, Balgün is active as a sports presenter at DW, where she has been actively supporting the German broadcaster's Esports project for the past two years. Not only was she and her team nominated for the "Grimme-Preis 2018" with her web magazine "Art of Gaming", for the german/french tv station arte, she also is nominated for this years german sports journalist award.

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